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IDCL’s Circle of Experts is a virtual global network of ‘Agents of Change’ that exists as a collection of expert consultants in various fields, NGOs, policy makers, public servants, social innovators and entrepreneurs, activists, and anyone who wants play a role in building a better future. Being a part of this network gives every member the ability to exponentially expand their reach and co-create solutions and synergies in any area of development.

This network addresses several roadblocks in the world of development, but primarily exists to solve the foremost issue of identifying and providing the right technical expertise and skill sets required to successfully drive initiatives.


–  Build your individual or organisational credibility by being part of a distinguished network of experts.
–  Access to development initiatives and projects across the globe.
–  Platform to connect with a global network of experts and showcase your work and unique skill sets.
–  First hand news and updates about the international development sector, global and regional political, social and economic scenarios, Corporate Social Responsibility, conflict and migration insights and many other area.
–  Free membership.

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See our existing members.