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CSR Framework and Budget

To set up the framework, if needed, a team with members from IDCL and the client company are selected to brainstorm and ideate. Here, an in depth research is conducted on the company after which the team concocts an elaborate structure with the details for the CSR plan, with realistic timelines and how it would fit the company mandated budget.

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Strategic Partnerships

IDCL specializes in curating multifaceted bonds across organisations and institutions, to connect NGOs, government entities, and individuals with corporate players towards global change.

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Impact Assessment of CSR Plan

As per the amended CSR rules, impact assessment is mandated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. IDCL works closely with the leadership team on the due diligence required and assists in strategizing timelines with milestones on when and how to conduct these assessments.

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Monitoring and Evaluation of CSR Programme

At IDCL, we undertake the details of project management, which are monitoring and evaluating the processes and working with the teams in case of any gaps that need to be abridged. Our detailed analysis of the programme allows us to monitor the implementation, and perform subsequent evaluations after an in-depth study of the area concerned.

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Training and Capacity Building

In order to efficiently implement social development initiatives in CSR plans, businesses have started focusing on training and capacity building at their partner NGOs. Here, IDCL acts as an intermediary and formulates training modules and manuals. We also provide services that facilitate the transfer of technology and data.

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Strategy Development

IDCL steers company CSR performance by laying out a detailed, sustainable strategy for long term growth. Our team specialises in creating unique, solution-focused plans that help cater the company and the community they partner with. Here, we analyse the company requirements and goals and define the key theme areas.

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Leadership Advising

We work with company leaders and align leadership ethics with organisation values. Using CSR programmes as a platform, we guide the leadership in advocating these values internally to the employees and externally to the public.

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Advocacy and Communications

We help develop advocacy issue campaigns and position our clients for better growth, to accelerate mission impact. At IDCL we analyse the current and potential markets, client distribution and other factors to determine the beneficiaries of the CSR grants. We believe in authentic, transparent communication of the CSR program, using a multichannel approach, where the employees are trained to be the spokespeople of the drive.

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