e-Shram portal and Unorganised workers

Written by IDCL India September 6, 2021 0 comment

What is it?

The pandemic showed us how vulnerable the unorganised workers in the country were and the inability to provide them with relief packages and welfare schemes. In a step to solve this massive issue that confronts us, the Ministry for Labour and Employment has launched the e-Shram portal to register the 38 crore unorganised workers such as construction labourers, migrant workforce, street vendors, and domestic workers, among others. 

Features of e-Shram Portal

The workers can register themselves under the portal free of cost. Upon registration, they will use an eSHRAM card with a unique Universal Account Number (UAN). Once registered, the workers are automatically eligible for the various social security schemes, including a 2 lakh accidental insurance coverage.  

What do we think?

Reverse migration of the unorganised workers was a sore sight that we witnessed during both lockdowns. To ensure a similar scenario does not arise as the pandemic is here to stay, it is vital to accelerate registering the workers. 

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