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Effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is vital for tracking and measuring results to shed light on the impact of development interventions. With the rise in the number of platforms and project management tools available across the market, it is easy to get not only distracted by the flashy colours but also confused by the never-ending list of futile features. The existing platforms may be an effective tool for a company but it becomes challenging to train and get regular updates from the implementing partners and the stakeholders involved.

Human Centric

Our approach is humane which helps us understand the real impact of the project.


We encourage open communication to follow through our clients’ needs and achieve the desirable outcomes.

Diverse Network

Get an impact assessment study done through industry leading development practitioners.


After working with various companies, non profits and our Circle of Experts, we have created an extensive framework which helps us in designing, building and sustaining a result-based monitoring and evaluation system.

Our 10-step framework can be used for projects, programmes, and policies. Though visually it appears as a linear process, in reality it is not. One will inevitably move back and forth along the steps, or work on several simultaneously. The use of such results-based M&E system can help bring about major changes in the way that implementing organisations operate.


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