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The existing problems of humanity can only be tackled significantly with the collective insights and efforts of driven individuals and professional bodies. IDCL’s Circle of Experts is a virtual global network of ‘Agents of Change’ that exists as a collection of expert consultants in various fields, NGOs, policy makers, public servants, social innovators and entrepreneurs, activists, and anyone who wants to play a role in building a better future.

Being a part of this network gives every member the ability to exponentially expand their reach, and co-create solutions and synergies in any area of development. This network addresses several roadblocks in the world of development, but primarily exists to solve the foremost issue of identifying and providing the right technical expertise and skill sets required to successfully drive initiatives.


IDCL India recognises that organisations have a significant role to play in bringing about a positive impact in the world by driving solutions through their flagship projects. We are committed to helping steer these efforts to create lasting and sizeable impact by working with entities as listed below.

–   Think Tanks
–   Social Enterprises
–   Government Bodies
–   Development Agencies
–   Nonprofit Organisations
–   Non Governmental Organisations

wondering about
the benefits of COE?

–   Enhances the visibility & credibility of affiliated NGOs as a credible change-making organisation through inclusion in our vetted Circle of Experts dedicated to development.

–   Access to experts in a variety of fields as well as technical experts who add value & bring direction to projects.

–   IDCL acts as a gateway to innumerable strategic & innovative collaborations between NGOs & other organisations on the national and international level through our Circle of Experts, which can help achieve intended impact successfully through knowledge sharing, technological synergies & sharing of experience-driven learnings.

–   IDCL helps NGOs expand through capacity building, grow their presence across geographical areas and also foray into new sectors of development by outlining a blueprint for the future, creating long-term strategies and defining milestones to measure their growth trajectory.

–   Support with navigating the governmental frameworks and regulatory ordinances that are specific to a region or area of work including receiving permissions and acquiring certifications to help streamline project implementation and fast-track progress.

–   We work with NGOs to position projects strategically to all stakeholders as well as the public by conducting deep analysis on executed projects and communicating the outcome of efforts impactfully to increase awareness.

–   IDCL helps translate an NGO’s priority projects to align with the focus and scope of CSR requirements of companies, thereby identifying appropriate matches between donors and projects.

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