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Businesses have always partnered with organisations and institutions when looking to contribute towards social and environmental issues that matter to them. Most corporates focus their social responsibility efforts on a specific set of causes.

Our experts at IDCL India facilitate partnerships with organisations based on the following criteria:

- fundamental needs and ground realities of geographical areas of operation

- reference to larger frameworks such as the UN's Sustainable Development Goals; Environment, Social, Governance Goals and so on

- alignment with the company's core competencies, brand, and corporate values

Human Centric

Our approach is humane which helps us understand the real impact of the project.


We encourage open communication to follow through our clients’ needs and achieve the desirable outcomes.

Diverse Network

Get an impact assessment study done through industry leading development practitioners.


IDCL specialises in curating multifaceted bonds across organisations and institutions, to connect non profits, government entities, and individuals with corporate players towards global change. We work towards forging partnerships with organisations that have comprehensive knowledge of the area and experience in tackling on-ground concerns.

Once a business has identified a cause and is seeking an implementing partner, Non profits may be evaluated on aspects such as expertise and impact, government and local connections in the target geographies, and scalability. This is accompanied by due-diligence checks on the financial health and credibility of organisations being considered. Our consultants from Circle of Experts are often brought on board at this stage to work with in-house legal, compliance, and CSR teams.

At IDCL India, we believe that the most successful corporate- non profit partnerships leverage the strengths of both parties to create unique value.


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