Shikshak Parv: Vidyanjali 2.0

Written by IDCL India September 8, 2021 0 comment


At the inauguration of Shikshak Parv, the Prime Minister launched various initiatives related to the education sector. First is the Indian Sign Language Dictionary and Talking Books which contains audio and text embedded sign language video for the hearing impaired. The second is the School Quality Assurance and Assessment Framework of CBSE, a standard scientific framework for dimensions like curricula, pedagogy, assessment, infrastructure, inclusive practices and governance process. 

The third and most important among them is the Vidyanjali 2.0, a platform for the private sector to increase the quality of education in government schools. The portal is also for two types of activities- first is the “Participate in school Service/Activity”, which allows volunteers to participate in co-scholastic activities with relevant knowledge and skill set to bridge the human resource gap. The second is the “Assets/Material/Equipment”, which strengthens the school infrastructure by taking in contributions from citizens, organizations including CSR funds.

What can we expect?

These new initiatives will bring in an educational revolution if implemented effectively. It would bring about a knowledge transfer among various strata of society. Since these new transformations are participation-based, not just policy-based, an initial nudge is required from the government’s side to kickstart the project. Furthermore, CSR funds can be channelized through this portal into government schools where there are infrastructural needs.

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